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About Us

Global Synergies Limited was established in 2010. Our head office is based in Central London.

Global Synergies was formed specifically to take advantage of the major developments which are currently taking place on the Continent of Africa.

The Company has been working closely with a number of Major Organisations over the past years, seeking Joint Venture Investment Partners for new development projects.

Through our sound knowledge of the region, we are in an excellent position to aid highly qualified and experienced corporations, establish a strong presence in some of the most highly sought after investment areas of the Continent.
Our aim is to partner Major Organisations with upcoming projects on the Continent, which would be of interest and mutually beneficial, as and when they arise.

We believe in partnering Highly Skilled Companies who have excellent track records, with Sound Organisations in these emerging markets.

Our intention is to aid the long awaited emergence, of this rich Continent into a new and prosperous phase.

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